Cardiac Surgery

When a 50-year-old patient needed a heart transplant, but his faith required surgery without the use of blood products or transfusions—he turned to the Cardiac surgical team led by Dr. Valluvan Jeevanandam.

Colon & Rectal Surgery

Dr. Kinga Skowron Olortegui performs minimally invasive surgery to minimize postoperative pain and is committed to offering each patient a custom-made treatment plan. Learn how she came to choose this specialty and UChicago Medicine.

General Surgery

When Dr. Yalini Vigneswaran was an undergraduate studying chemical engineering, she became intrigued by the field of medicine. Find out more about the work she’s doing today and what it’s like to be part of a collaborative team working toward a common goal.

Otolaryngology—Head & Neck Surgery

Dr. Brandon Baird is a dedicated laryngeal surgeon whose specialty covers a broad spectrum of laryngeal diseases and surgical management of voice and swallowing disorders. Read how he combined his love of music and medicine to treat professional vocal artists for voice conditions.

Pediatric Surgery

An accomplished pediatric surgeon, Dr. Carmelle Romain provides care to children of all ages who suffer from a wide spectrum of conditions. Hear about her experiences working with these small but mighty patients, who continually inspire her with their resilience.

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Summer Hanson specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery, treating a wide range of conditions from complex breast reconstruction to skin cancer treatment. Learn how she combined her interest in art and architecture with her passion for medicine.

Thoracic Surgery

An expert thoracic surgeon, Dr. Maria Lucia Madariaga knew she wanted to be a surgeon from an early age. Learn about her journey to get here—from dissecting her pet goldfish when they died to becoming a renowned surgeon at UChicago Medicine.

Transplant Surgery

Dr. R. Angelica Perez Gutierrez is a highly skilled transplant surgeon whose research explores ways to expand the donor pool. Read about how she came to be at UChicago Medicine and is improving quality of life for transplant patients.

Trauma & Acute Care Surgery

Meet Lt. Col. Timothy Plackett, DO, MPH, a trauma surgeon and Kenneth L. Wilson, MD, medical director of UChicago Medicine’s trauma center and a military surgeon in the U.S. Army Reserve. Learn how UChicago Medicine will become the latest premier trauma training site for Army physicians, nurses, and medics ahead of their deployments.


After rotating through the various specialties in his third year of medical school, Dr. Parth Modi chose urological surgery, because, like many of our surgeons, he liked being able to use his hands to fix a problem and see a real-time benefit from an intervention.

Vascular Surgery & Endovascular Therapy

Dr. Luka Pocivavsek is an expert vascular surgeon and a devoted researcher who improves vascular care by investigating innovative treatments and techniques. Find out how his love of research led him down a path toward surgery.