About the Report



The Department of Surgery at UChicago Medicine is a transcendent network that comprises an amassed brilliancy, interdigitating fact, opinion, intellectual pursuit and (magical) collaborative decision-making – in an endless variety of proportions. We are undaunted as we stand at the forefront of medicine and commandeer the reigns of novelty and discovery, all while authentically showing who we are and what we stand for. One must remain unafraid to show their unique, true self and not keep it shrouded behind a mask, as authenticity can dramatically pacify vulnerability and disintegrate distrust between a patient and their surgeon. This genuine approach builds hope, induces meaningful connections and optimizes surgical care. Thus, we found it opportune to create a project that promotes authenticity, inclusion and equivalence; moreover, one that echoes our unwavering commitment to the South Side community. This is a raw, compelling and insightful body of work that invites viewers to grasp a broad understanding of our providers, chiefly the candor they embed into their life’s work. Not only do we see their clear commitment to the overall mission of this division and institution, we witness a poignant, grand unveiling of truth, grit and humanity.

Julian T. Owens and Dr. Anthony Douglas on set for the Behind the Mask brochure cover shoot…IT’S A WRAP!

Dr. Jeffrey B. Matthews

Julian T. Owens
Creator, Director, Producer—The Souls of Surgery: Behind the Mask