“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

—Albert Einstein

In a multidimensional network, the loyalty, dependability and wisdom of our staff members provide vital support for the fulfillment of our tripartite mission. They offer unique perspectives and dynamic voices that help to establish equilibrium within an ever-evolving medical ecosystem.

The impact that LaNée Preshon Ellis, former Director of HR & Academic Affairs, has made on the University of Chicago Medicine Department of Surgery is undoubtedly earth-shattering, and her legacy will live on through her many reformed departmental/divisional processes, as well as through the lives she has touched. She is a mother, daughter, friend and seasoned professional, who navigates all spaces and situations with charm, grace, compassion and grit, and holds the internal expectation to consistently put forth her absolute best—a selfless act that has always spawned exceptional outcomes.

Her generous offering of respect and empathy throughout the department, across disciplines and specialties, affords validation of her commitment to being an extraordinary resource for humans. Amid tempestuous times, while displaying the utmost professionalism, she has never locked away her intrinsic sense of humanity in an “HR 101” box. Her impeccable mental agility has enabled her to skip over cesspools laden with negativity and joy-seizing tyrants, and realize opportunities for herself and others. The fruits of her labor and sacrifice have revitalized the souls of many, and she will forever be an inspiration to this surgical community.

This is LaNée Preshon Ellis, Behind the Mask.